Amarás Logia: This fire is lit

Mystical and enigmatic, Mezcal Amarás Logia is a brand that pays tribute to each solar cycle in the form of small and unrepeatable batches of artisanal and ancestral mezcal, embracing the knowledge of centuries of heritage and tradition.

Logia is an ode to the unattainable, the select and the scarce, perfectly defining each of our agaves and their importance as a sacred plant. It is the welcome to a world of incomparable flavors through a rich variety of aromas, derived from the peculiar terroir and its recipes.

Amarás Logia is an ancient notion; it is a secret. It's the rituals and voices, the flavors and knowledge, the heart of the agave and the awakened spirit; It's time ceased in a single drop. It's the venture of seeking new places and finding new grounds in the quest for agaves that will connect us to our ancestors and their most valued elixirs. 

Amarás Logia Cenizo

It keeps a balance between smoky and citric aromas on the nose, to bold and intense hints of roasted coffee beans. Handcrafted with a 14-year-old wild agave scientifically know as a A. durangensis, it is milled with an ax, and it presents a particular artisanal recipe that starts with the use of local mesquite and huisache wood when cooked.

Amarás Logia Sacatoro

Crafted using a 10-year-old rare and wild agave A. angustifolia, it presents an artisanal recipe where time and details are essential, presenting woody flavors with a strong fruity presence.

Amarás Logia Tepeztate

Crafted using a 25-year-old wild agave A. marmorata and matured in glass jugs for more than 13 months. Logia Tepeztate maintains a balance between citric aromas on the nose, fruity in an intermediate stage and some herbal touches at the end.

Mezcal Amarás invites you to a journey that luxuriates into the purest essence of Amarás Logia: the best-kept secret of Mezcal Amarás, a secret that, like those worth its gold, you will not be able to keep for long. 

>> It is conceived in collectible and limited editions, editions that are not part of daily rituals: they belong to the territory of the extraordinary and they are specially chosen for those who love to discover, in sips, details that move the soul. 

* Mezcal Amarás Logia Sacatoro and Tepeztate only in Mexico.