MEZCAL AMARÁS was founded by a group of visionaries who journeyed into a world full of aromas, flavors, and unimaginable culture. They encountered what they believed to be the best-distilled spirits in the world, mezcal.

Historía Mezcal Amarás

Made from Mexico's sacred plant, the agave, they soon realized that this sacred beverage didn't have the honor it deserved. It led them to create a holistic cycle to preserve the land, the agave, and the mezcal producing communities, with love.

Visionaries and innovators, challenging ourselves in search of knowledge through love and happiness, seeking creative and unique ways of having a good time regardless of the season. Mezcal Amarás represents contemporary Mexico, honoring the sun's cycle each year with a celebration of love in sacred agave fields in Oaxaca.

The sun is our emblem, the beating heart of our intention and philosophy, the focal point to the origins of love for the land, the agave and Mexico. It has the power to transcend, lighting up the sky from dawn till dusk, generating positive energy in humanity. It is the center of life on earth, providing loving warmth to each living creature in its own time and space. At Casa Amarás, we celebrate the love of life every day the sun rises.