Between research and self transitions: Sofía Tormenta

At Mezcal Verde Amarás we choose to work with different artists whose work reflects a vision of the contemporary world beyond the clichés of the collective imagination. On this occasion, Sofía Tormenta intervenes one of our labels with the purpose of sharing her vision for art and her environment.

"For me, it's more fulfilling the moment prior to creation and the process rather than the bottom line," says Sofía Tormenta. “Then, it comes the body motion, it is what makes me feel free as an artist, dance, expression, timing and breathing."

The interest for art did not arise from preview research, experimentation or stepping in different scenarios, Sofía describes her career as a natural form of her existence, since she was born in an artistic environment back in Argentina, her parents were artists so taking on this discipline as a life choice was inevitable.

Sofía Tormenta could embrace her experience as a visual artist, audiovisual director, cartoonist and performer in constant transition, dancing between opposite sides to create and reinvent herself; she maintains that learning is forever and seeking for this is the true humility of the human being.

Break old patterns, break the established, break the silence

As an artist, Sofía wants us to regard what we want to stop repeating, what we want not to live once again and starting from there, take a break, create, and develop new experiences.

The colors black and white, acrylic, oil paint, India ink and brushes which make part of her art, reflect the simplicity of her nature, she prefers less instead of abundance. She is looking forward to cleaning old patterns, things that do not belong to her anymore and moving towards lightening, always.