The surreal reality of Sky Iraheta built from dreams and memories

Sky Iraheta is a visual artist who uses 3D software to create VFX for live shows and eye-catching stills. For Mezcal Verde, Iraheta draws inspiration from her everyday life creating a surreal reality that communicates how vibrant and warm life is.

MEZCAL VERDE: How did your interest in art/illustration start?

SKY IRAHETA: My interest in art, specifically digital 3D art started when I was introduced to Cinema 4D (3D software). I started to learn the software and realized that this was the medium that I can express myself through.

MV: How do you start your project as Skytea?

SI: Skytea kind of just happened, I started creating art under that name and it stuck. 

MV: What is the part that you enjoy the most about your job?

SI: I enjoy the fact that there are really no limits to what you can create.

MV: Which are the techniques you use?

SI: I think one of the main techniques I use in my art is perspective. In most of my art, the perspective is low to the ground looking up or super far away from the main subject. I do think it creates the feeling that everything around you is massive. 

MV: What are the themes, narrative and/or discourse of your work and why?

SI: Dreams have always been a big part of my life. I've always been able to lucid dream, I can recall some of the first dreams I had when I was a kid. My goal in life was to be able to recreate those dreams visually, recreate those strange moments where you can't remember whether something actually happened or you dreamt it. That's why the major theme in my area is surrealism.

MV: What is the inspiration behind the label for Mezcal VERDE?

SI: The main inspiration comes from those blissful moments with friends. The energy you feel when you are having drinks with the ones you love fills you up with a warm feeling in more ways than one. Honey represents the moment where you close your eyes just to take it all in. Life becomes a little more whimsical, a little more vibrant.