Mezcal Verde X Darel Carey: Lines that build cosmos

Darel Carey is a spatial person… but also special. Just as his Instagram account says and there would be no better description of his work. Carey is a visual artist focused on optical and spatial perception, his art includes immersive tape installations, painted murals, and digital art; uses lines to shape and bend the perceived dimensions of a surface or space. 

A naked eye line is that simple but when combined with many other lines in a consistent and precise manner, they become more than lines; together they form a perceived illusion in curvatures and depth. In this way, Carey´s approach follows a natural process that manifests emergent properties similar to those found in nature, as in complex mobile bodies emerging from clusters of cells, or consciousness that is not physically emerging from the physical brain.


The strong connection between his art and the patterns of nature is clear, he feels that the best imagination comes from the best understanding of reality, and is inspired by the sciences.

The artist combines his interests in visual aesthetics with his interests in science and philosophy. He studied language, biology, and psychology, and served 11 years as an analyst in the Air Force. Throughout his life, he dabbled in many creative fields, from graffiti to portrait drawing, tattoos, photography, logo making, and t-shirt designs. Carey has something to talk about that's for sure but it's his art that he wants to make an impact and be part of this world.