Mezcal Verde X Maremoto: Illustrations with a voice

Her vulnerability is her power. Maremoto's illustrations and vignettes show dissident, large, strong and colorful bodies, accompanied by personal reflections on mental health, sexuality and gender identity, growing up and being part of the LGBTQ community, feminism and finding herself a place in the world. 

Mariana Lorenzo is Maremoto, a Mexican textile designer, illustrator and visual artist. She has spent her life drawing and writing about what happens to her, hurts her, makes her angry and also what makes her happy. Mar, as other close friends also call her, was born and raised in Mexico City, a place she loves and hates at the same time, a city of inspiration for its people but also for its social problems, conflicts that encourage her to express herself and raise her voice through her illustrations.

From a feminist perspective, Maremoto thinks about the importance of the visual. Therefore, she takes the illustration as a tool to be able to process her feelings and queries; as they come, she exposes them to the world. Maremoto's illustrations have managed to transcend social media to become authentic symbols of sisterhood and struggle in feminist protests. Her voice and heart are in each of her strokes, as long as she draws what makes her happy, her style does not seek to consolidate but to change and evolve according to her personality and environment.