If you do it with love, it’s worth more than gold

"Not all that glittersis gold, but it shines like it if it’s done with love."

Mezcal AmarásCupreata is the winner of a double Gold medal in the San Francisco World SpiritCompetition, which belongs to The Tasting Alliance, considered one of the most influential competitions for raising the reputation of many brands, which not only raises the name of Casa Amarás, but also that of our producers and that ofMexico. 

Mezcal AmarásCupreata took the gold medal in the Best Of Class category as the best of all the mezcals registered in the competition and also, the gold medal as the BestIn Show, which places it as the best white spirit, competing against other beverages of this kind, such like rum, tequila, and vodka.

Mezcal AmarásCupreata has several characteristics that make it one of a kind. It is artisanally handcrafted inGuerrero with Maestros Mezcaleros in the town of Tixtla, on the banks of theBalsas River. The agave used for its production is called Cupreata, also known as Papalote, which has a growth period of up to 13 years growing in the highestjungles at a height between 1,000 and 1,500 meters above sea level. Its fermentation is done naturally, without sulphites, in outdoor tubs made of pinewood and, like the rest of Casa Amarás mezcals, it is a 100% sustainable product.

The process to be a winner of a medal consists of blind tastings in controlled environments, where the jury does not have information about the product, price or owners so that in this way all distillates can be judged fairly. During the tasting, the judges evaluate each product individually and determine which entries are worthy of a gold, silver or bronze medal. The entries that receive a gold medal from all the judges on a panel obtain a double gold award, as was the case with Mezcal Amarás Cupreata.

Official tasting notes describe Mezcal Amarás Cupreata as "a magnificent non-smoked example of the great complexity, elegance and possible finesse of this exciting and recently popular category."

Agave Cupreata (also known as papalote)

Some of the judges who were in this edition were: ANTHONY DIAZ, President of BlueLifestyle, CHRIS ADAMS, Managing Partner of Ellis Adams Group, MARK BOWERIE, Wine and Distillate Consultant, STEPHEN BEAL, Distillate Educator andConsultant, MARTIN CATE, author of "Smuggler's Cove: Exotic Cocktails,Rum, and the Cult of Tiki", JERRY COOPER, founder of SmartDrinkConsulting, among others.

Join the celebration with a bottle of Mezcal Amarás Cupreata which you may find in a retailer near you. 

Amarás means you’ll love, and you’ll love Guerrero and our Cupreata worth a double gold!