A label that make you smile even on cloudy days

Milkman is a fairly representative figure in the present music industry: designer, A&R (from the Broke Kids label), producer for some of the most talented artists in the Latin music genre, musician and creative. Essential facets that have opened his way to achieve a successful and long-lasting musical career. 

For Milkman, art is a way of expressing emotions, he wants to remind people of the good moments of their childhood. The smiley face that he uses for Mezcal Verde, the one that has been part of his artistic identity for other collaborations, represents a collective feeling, an image that everyone has seen and somehow, conveys joy. "Being happy is not something that comes to you, it's about pursuit, so my message is: Go find that happiness."


Romantic? Idealistic? Maybe. The passion of this artist who was born in Monterrey, Mexico and grew up in Texas, is oriented by a creative freedom, not governed by a single thrust, but by multiple. Take hold of the cultural movement and let yourself go, building every knowledge that comes to you. Milk is an innovator; represents a new generation of Latin artists, yes, he is well known for being the creative director of JBalvin but just that, also for transcending in different artistic genres, being his versatility his main talent.


So, in his own words, always remember: “stay foolish and share the shine”.