A new declaration of love

Love evolves, and today Mezcal Amores changes its name and announces its transformation into Mezcal Amarás, maintaining its quality and essence, which it has offered since its inception until this year 2021 in which it celebrates its tenth anniversary, respecting its artisanal process and 100% natural fermentation.

At Mezcal Amarás we have one simple philosophy: to strive always toward a balanced relationship with our ecosystem. This is why we exist. It is why we produce our mezcal following a holistic cycle "From seed to sip."

True to our philosophy, we allocate as much as 20% of each bottle's net sale to the development of internal initiatives promoting social and environmental responsibility. These initiatives range from purchasing artisanal mezcal at a fair price, to providing state-of-the-art training for local distillers, from rescuing and protecting wild agave species, to sowing new seed using only organic practices.

Evolving and transforming is part of life, Mezcal Amores changes its name, grows and unifies its identity throughout the world.

Siempre Amarás.