Mezcal Amaras Is Committed To Sustainably Produced Ancestral Mezcal

Mezcal Amarás is a perfect example of why I'm absolutely enthralled by this spirit! Alcohol has had a unique place in the history of man and the act of fermentation is probably as old as the act of grilling meat. Throughout it's history, our ancestors celebrated this magic liquid's ability to both open up a portal to experience a different plane of existence for religious and mystic purposes as well to frankly ... just feel good. While most spirits today are simply commercial and indeed industrial operations designed purely for commercial profit - there still exists a cadre of mezcaleros who keep their ancient traditions alive so that we can experience them ourselves.

One of the biggest parts of this is that while most mezcal uses espandin since it is cheaper to produce - others - like Mezcal Amarás have delved into the heritage of mezcal and cultivated other varietals to produce unique expressions that go beyond what you might expect if you only have experienced an industrial espandin mezcal.

Let's uncover the spirit and culture behind ancestral Mezcal, showing you why it's more than just a drink—it's a celebration of tradition.



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